• TOSS IT! on the beach in Oahu, Hawaii
  • TOSS IT! Game in a bike basket in Hilton Head
  • Playing TOSS IT! in Oahu, Hawaii
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  • What is TOSS IT!?

    TOSS IT! is a lighter, brighter, cheaper, and more versatile alternative to cornhole.

  • Where to play?

    TOSS IT! can be played ANYWHERE thanks to it's compact design + carry bag. Play at the beach, backyard, tailgate, pool party, camping trip, etc. Share your favorite place to play using #tossitgame on socials!


  • How to play?

    TOSS IT! is played liked cornhole, but without the frustration of keeping and arguing about the score. With multiple game modes possible, you can play TOSS IT! however you'd like! Share how you play with #tossitgame on socials!