TOSS IT! was born during the summer of 2019. We originally had the idea after spending an afternoon playing yard games at a BBQ. We liked playing cornhole but we hated that we spent a lot of money on nice boards that were a struggle to bring anywhere. We also had constant family arguments about the score because a certain someone would somehow magically gain points when he really didn't. We took all these ideas and we came up with TOSS IT! In 2022, we decided it was time to share the game with more than just our friends and family. We hope you like the game as much as we do and thank you for supporting us!

- Jack


In a world that's moving too fast, let's slow it down and enjoy the company of our friends and family like we used to before the world went crazy. Life should be much simpler than it actually is. Take that break and relax... you deserve it. Set up the beach chairs, fire up the grill, pop up a tent, or throw on a bathing suit. Wherever you relax, TOSS IT! will be there to help to make memories and live in the moment. "It's simple, just TOSS IT!"