How to play:

There are lots of ways to play TOSS IT!

Select a game mode from the list below and learn how to play.

(We recommend that you first read the rules of CLASSIC to better understand the other game modes.) 



1. After laying out the mat and securing the corners, split all players into 2-4 teams. 

2. Teams (1+ players) are recommended to stand 8-10ft away from their colored side. You may adjust the tossing distance based on skill as depicted above.

3. Decide who tosses first. We recommend playing rock-paper-scissors to decide.




*Check rules for Redemption vs No Redemption and determine how you will play BEFORE the game starts. (Located at the 2nd drop down)

1. The first team will toss their bag onto the board with the goal of getting it 100% in one of their 6 colored squares. (100% is defined as no part of the bag hanging over the color and into the black border. You should be able to look down from above and see it 100% within the colored square). After tossing once, the player to their left will toss once with the same goal.  

2. The game will continue in this way until all 28 bags have been tossed. Players will then pick up any bags that are not 100% within their correct colored square. 

3. Players will then go back to their spots and continue tossing until one team has landed 6 of their 7 bags entirely in their 6 colored squares. After returning to their spots, whichever team tossed first will toss again. It does not matter who has more or less bags. If red team tossed first, red team will always toss first for that game. 

4. Beware of getting too far ahead of the other teams because they may just target your good bags and knock them out of their square, causing you to get set back from your lead. 

5. The first team to successfully land all 6 bags, must then land their final bag in the middle black square to win. 

6. The first team to have all 7 bags 100% in their squares, wins.🏆



*Check rules for Redemption vs No Redemption and determine how you will play BEFORE the game starts. (Located at the 2nd drop down)


Same play style as CLASSIC, but every time a player lands a bag in their square, they pick one opponent to complete a punishment/challenge. In the case that the selected player has no more bags in hand, they must do a punishment/challenge that does not involve a bag (EX: 10 push ups, 10 burpees, etc.) or complete their given punishment/challenge during the next round of tossing. 

Suggested Punishments/Challenges

  • Next toss is on one foot 
  • Next toss is with one or both eyes closed 
  • Next toss is with their non-dominant hand 
  • Player skips a turn
  • Toss from 20 feet away
  • Toss like a basketball shot 
  • Player must do 10 pushups
  • Player must spin around 10 times before next toss
  • Toss from behind the back 
  • Toss like a granny

ADULTS... try these suggested punishments.

  • Slapping the player to your left/right
  • Take a sip/shot of your preferred beverage
  • Some form of public embarrassment

Use these suggested punishments/challenges or come up with your own! Share your ideas on socials using #tossitgame and we may just add yours to the list!